Born in São Paulo, with a hint of a foreigner, I am Brazilian, Uruguayan and Polish. With 12 years of experience, I have worked in multinational companies and agencies delivering brand strategies for the launch of products and services. 

Recently motivated in contributing to services beyond communication, I spent a semester immersed in the ‘Start-up Nation’ (Israel) as part of the Transdisciplinary Innovation Program at the Hebrew University. 

I am curious about how we can use a holistic and sharing approach to improve the way we live and work, that's why I like to engage with design research methods, creativity and human-

centric disciplines like Service Design and Fluxonomy 4D.


Nowadays, as a recent graduate in Service Design at the Royal College of Art, in London, I am willing to contribute with creative projects to be meaningful for our future as an integrated society. Have an interesting challenge? Let’s talk!

i've workED with, for, to...

Amazing brands, organisations and people. From large corporations looking for a step-by-step plan of action to small start-ups, just wanting a place on the table.

Service Design lens into a career path: an exercise


Based on the S-curve theory and also trying to think with a service design mindset, I did an exercise to understand my career journey throughout the years:

It's interesting to see how at the beginning of my career I was learning and experimenting more tangible, product-oriented work path, while that evolved to a more intangible, experience-oriented course. And before each time I advanced one big milestone, education has been the initial spark that made me go further. At this moment we’re living in, where services prevail as fluid verbs, I hope I can contribute each day more in a systemic way!


Yay! I was recently featured on #FindTheWomanBR as one of the 200 Brazilian talented women from the Creative Industry working abroad.

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